About Googly

Welcome to India's first gaming platform - where your limits will be challenged unlimited times. Whether you like competitive, casual or block chain gaming, we have it all for you!

They say “You only live once!”, but here... you don’t die, you respawn! Amazing, right? A derivation of amazing, shocking, astounding and awesome is what Googly is. Googly is here to get gamers hooked by satiating their gaming addiction and further fueling their passion with a plethora of redemption possibilities.

While Googly serves a full-plate of addictive games for a gamer to choose from, it also serves a side plate of Crème Brûlée for that feeling of being satiated yet glued. From connecting with like-minded gamers for team formations to buying happy doses of wins from ‘game time’ or connecting with people to a new form of community like never before, Googly has it all for you!

Googly wraps up a good meal for all gamers, as it provides a one-stop shop for all things gaming - tournaments, big prizes, make new friends, eStore for all things gaming and accessories, coaching & academy, content, broadcast, leaderboards, social feed, and much more..

Watch this space for more as we unveil all this and more soon.